Innovative Art with International Artist Wafaâ Mezouar


Wafaâ Mezouar's Exhibition at D-Style Interior

Originally from one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, Wafaâ Mezouar is an internationally renowned artist who has exhibited across the world and is constantly experimenting with different mediums, materials and styles in order to create her own very personal artistic language. At D-Style Interior, we are very proud and honoured to exhibit in our showroom some unique pieces of this incredible artist, for a limited period of time.

Wafaâ Mezouar, internationally renowned painter, lissière and art therapist, is a native of Meknes, Morocco. Graduate of the Institute of Fine Art of Casablanca since 1980, the artist dedicated fifteen years of her artistic career in modern tapestry, an art that is still unknown from the public. This art form allowed her to win the Gold Medal at the Mahrès Festival in Tunisia, back in 1993.

From the 90s, the artist specialized in abstract art using mixed techniques, a combination of materials, highlighting the matter and the texture. Art critics describe Wafaâ Mezouar’s work as organic, textural, dimensional and spiritual.

Over the years, the artist has been able to build a strong name nationally but also internationally by exhibiting all around the globe in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Among her awards and recognition, the Gold Medal at the Mahrès Festival in Tunisia, the Bronze Medal at Dauphine Arts, Sciences et Lettres in Paris in 2011 and double Gold Medal at the Fine Arts Olympic Games 2012, in London. The winning painting is exhibited at the Beijing National Museum for life.

Wafaâ recently received the Award of Honor and Recognition to Women and Men of Valor from DIVINE at the Carrousel du Louvre 2018 in Paris.

Wafaâ Mezouar has her own very personal artistic language. This rich expression of personality and creativity is reflected in her most recent works, which have been liberated from the constraints of habit and freed to explore new and intimate dimensions.

Scenes abstracted from the rich visual heritage of her native Morocco and travels around the globe, erupt into spectacular emotional landscapes characterized by spectral figures.

Wafaa’s mastery of her art comes through in the weaving together of color and matter that is at the same time powerful and controlled, frank and reserved. 

Her art is proudly integrated in several D-Style projects

For years, we have been proud and eager to integrate Wafaâ Mezouar’s art in our most exclusive projects. For more information about this outstanding artist, feel free to visit our showroom to discover the unique pieces that are exhibited on our walls as well as the complete catalogue of her available art pieces.


From September 1st to October 1st, 2021.


D-Style Interior
Leuvensesteenweg, 323A
1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe